Why Our CBD Products?

We grow our own hemp because we want to bring the amazing nutritional benefits of this miraculous plant to people at affordable prices. 


The quality and efficacy of our final products are our number one priority.  We control the quality of our hemp every step of the way, from genetics, through cultivation, proprietary nutrient programs, harvesting, curing, proprietary extraction methods, expert formulations, bottling and finally to products for sale. 


This control of quality that we achieve from the beginning to the end is rare in our industry. 


We only bring products with full-plant hemp extracts in them, at the highest quality and efficacy levels in the industry.  Our oils are a beautiful golden color, clear of plant debris, with very nice fragrances that come from the many naturally occurring terpenes left in our oil.


We do not make isolates of CBD, because this would lower the quality of our final product.  We want the full benefits of all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in the plants to end up in our products and in our customers who consume them.


As an everyday example, which do you think would be healthier for you to eat – kale grown in and freshly picked from your garden that you eat raw or lightly sautéed and then eat whole with all of its hundreds of compounds, or one specific “healthy” molecule heavily processed and extracted out of the kale, isolated, an “isolate”, and given to you by itself? 


The evidence clearly indicates that whole plant extracts, like what Enlita Farms provides, are the best, most effective, most bio-available form of plant supplements.


We also have a commitment to a high-level of customer service and professionalism.  We expect this of all of those organizations and people associated with Enlita Farms.