Customer Testimonials

Many of the CBD oils on the market are low quality, isolates, crystallite, or deceptively labelled claiming more CBD than is in the product, and/or are over-priced or cheap knock-offs from overseas.  The end-result is that many oils on the market provide little or no help at all to their customers. 


There are a few good companies out there, but it can be difficult to find them, even for experts.


We had an expert on the THC side of the market visit our farm in July, 2017, and tell us that he was the biggest OPPONENT of CBD and our “side” of the cannabis market.  He said that he had been trying CBD products on the market from numerous big-name sources for years, and that none of it worked.  He said that it did not help him nor people that he knew.  He added that he had been bad-mouthing CBD for years.


Then he tried the oil from our farm through one of our dealers, and everything changed for him.  He said, “I do not know what you all are doing, but your oil works.  It is amazing.”  He actually came to our farm and volunteered to help out for a few days.